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Job opportunities

We are always looking for fresh talent and enthusiastic people. Send us your speculative application by emailing: jobs@jamade-germany.com

JAMADE: Doing our part

We believe that understanding our responsibility to society and business success go hand in hand. JAMADE Germany was founded on the idea of harnessing innovation in technology – to create new, entirely electric-powered products for the recreational sport and activities market. AMAZEA is our pilot brand, blazing the trail – with more to follow.

Zest for life

People are always at the forefront of our ideas. Our products are designed to enrich the lives of our customers by providing unique experiences – including through the many events that we ourselves organise or sponsor. In addition, we support a variety of studies and projects related to the future of our society and of the natural world. Living freely means living conscientiously, and every contribution helps.

Environmental awareness

Hot topics in the public sphere – such as climate change, pollution, or the rise of burn-out – are proof that we cannot simply continue the status quo. We take a holistic view of our business’s impact on the wider world, and make a conscious effort to use recyclable or recycled materials wherever possible, employ innovative manufacturing methods, and design components to have a long life. JAMADE is committed to always operating sustainably and with environmental awareness. And that even goes for the small things – we do without coffee capsules, for example.

Working together

All too often, the world of business can be clouded by mutual distrust and the pursuit of profit at the cost of others. JAMADE goes against the flow: We view all our employees, service/sales partners, service providers, suppliers, fans and customers without prejudice, and in a spirit of partnership and respect. The way we see it, we only achieve shared success by pursuing shared aims. That’s why we’re are always honest – even frank. Problems are meant to be solved, not swept under the rug. After all, the goal is to become something better – together!

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