Become a Partner

We are looking for AMAZEA people who share our mindset – and for genuine partners, who we support 100 % and treat as equals.


Your Business!

We admire and respect others’ achievements. Business ideas are powered by people. And that means we are open to new ideas, to gaining a new perspective, and to experiencing other points of view. Instead of trying to impose our model on our partners, we look for shared goals and motivations – as the basis for a successful future.


A vibrant community

Consistent, coherent branding is extremely important to us, as it allows all stakeholders to best benefit. And that’s why every year we give out our Partner Awards – an honour granted irrespective of an organisation’s scope and size. Being part of the AMAZEA ecosystem means showing commitment – and taking inspiration from the AMAZEA world.


Marketing support

We provide each and every one of our partners with tailored support via marketing packages and corresponding services. In addition, we communicate closely with them, allowing us to support diverse international events, initiatives and promotions – for special AMAZEA moments, anytime, anywhere.

Let’s get talking about the future, today!

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