The AMAZEA lifestyle aquajet: A personal watercraft with replaceable, rechargeable batteries and innovative design – for maximum fun in the water.


4″ TFT colour display

Simply have fun: Seize each and every day, and make the very most of your holiday. Out on the water or under the surface – with AMAZEA, you have the perfect personal watercraft for discovering a whole new world. Pure power, ingenious design, zest for life – that’s all it takes.

And the best part is, AMAZEA is made for all to enjoy. Smart app-based controls and an on-board computer support a variety of operating modes, with safe, eco, sport and personal settings. That means total peace of mind, even when the kids want to have a go.


App-based controls

Syncing with our AMAZEA app offers a number of advantages. The integrated GPS function, for example, means you know where your AMAZEA is at all times. In addition, the app provides you with timely reminders for maintenance and information on your personal watercraft’s current condition. All right in the palm of your hand.


Custom branding

A one-of-a-kind AMAZEA? No problem. Our innovative manufacturing process allows customers to tailor the personal watercraft’s colour, and add embossed or embedded branding. In other words, nothing is standing in the way of making your AMAZEA your very own. Perhaps you have a specific vision in mind that you want to make a reality? You never know what is possible until you ask – we are open to everything.


AMAZEA at boot 2020 in Düsseldorf

At the boat show “boot Düsseldorf” we presented our AMAZEA the first time – the lifestyle aquajet for freedom, fun and enjoyment. Have a look at our product presentation.

Technical data

Highly efficient dual-motor design
2 x 3.1 kW motors
Trip duration:
Up to 60 minutes (depending on driving style/mode)
2 x rapidly replaceable, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Charging time:
Approximately 4 hours
Power limit:
0 – 100 %
Depth limit:
Freely adjustable between 1 and 18 m
Operating modes:
Eco-mode for longer trips
Sport-mode for smooth-yet-speedy trips
Sport+-mode for adrenaline junkies
Trip limit:
Set from 1 to 20 minutes (controlled via the AMAZEA app)
4" TFT colour display
Colour modes:
Fun (AMAZEA colour world)
Sport (black/red for high contrast)
Diving (bright for good visibility at greater depths)
Continuously variable operation with thumb throttle + 3 touch buttons for simple menu navigation
Theft protection:
GPS with 2 years’ cellular service included

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